The Democratic Party of DuPage County and The Democratic Women of DuPage County are opposing the merger between the DuPage County Election Commission and the DuPage County Clerk’s Office and rightly so.

DuPage County officials claim that the election commission is “bipartisan”but  nothing could be farther from the truth.  The leadership of the Democratic Party of DuPage recommendation for our representation on the election commission has been continually ignored.

Not only is DuPage County home to some of the highest paid elected officials our appointed election commissioners earn a salary of $27,500 per year. The only other county with an election commission is Peoria.  Their election commissioners make $3,200 per year, if they choose to take the stipend.

HB 294 was introduced by Illinois State Representative David Olsen. The bill makes the position of county election commissioners unpaid. Given the history of the DuPage County Board being very generous when it comes to paying elected and appointed officials we are now asked to believe that will change due to the merger. The Democratic Party of DuPage is in full support of HB 294.

The Naperville Sun reports the following

Partisan fears emerge as county election commission merger moves forward

Gary Gibula

With the process to merge the DuPage Election Commission into the DuPage County Clerk’s Office under way, some citizens are concerned over elements of the consolidation.

Among five points of contention, members of the Democratic Women of DuPage County group said, is the county board chairman, Dan Cronin, a Republican, should not choose the Democratic members of the new election board.

“It’s important that we not have cross-party appointments,” said Jennifer Barron, a Naperville attorney and group member. “When the party in power is appointing a representative of the party not in power, that’s not truly bipartisan. It’s not even a Republican-Democrat issue, it’s a citizen issue because everyone should want transparency and for both parties to be represented fairly.”

The Democratic Party of DuPage County, which is not affiliated with the women’s group, similarly approves of the merger idea but with several differing caveats.

“This legislation should require qualified individuals with knowledge and interest in the election process before someone is appointed a commissioner,” party Chairman Bob Peickert said. “A complete implementation plan also should be required before this can be seriously considered.”

Jean Kaczmarek, of Glen Ellyn, said she had no confidence Cronin’s process for making political appointments.

You can read the full story here.



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