Sunshine in Kane County – Overcast in DuPage

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune  reported the following:

By: Richard Wronski | Tribune Reporter | 

Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen, who publicly solicited applications from interested residents, released his “short list” Friday of 11 candidates for a Metra board position and also for the county’s vacant post on the Regional Transportation Authority.
More than 40 people had applied for both spots, he said.
The 11 are being reviewed by a four-member, bipartisan panel of county board members, who will review applications and cut the pool to three or four finalists.
On Monday, Lauzen is expected to select one Metra appointee and one RTA appointee, and put the names before the county board at its meeting Tuesday.
“We are making progress on a tight schedule,” Lauzen said Friday.
The eleven being considered  for the RTA/METRA appointments are: Manuel Barbosa; Donald DeWitte; Carl Dinwiddie; Edward Evert; Mary Fleischmann; Joseph Galvan; Glen Holland; Bonnie Kunkel; D.J. Tegeler; Bernard Thomas; and Jake Wyatt.
You can read the full story here.
The Chicago Tribune also reported:
Another DuPage County resident stepped forward today, complaining that he asked last month to be considered for an appointment to Metra’s board but never heard back from County Chairman Dan Cronin, who plans to name a fellow politician to the post.
Lombard resident Mike Corso said that as a 27-year Metra rider, he was interested in applying for DuPage’s vacant seat on Metra’s board because he was concerned about the quality and cost of service.
Corso, 48, who serves as a volunteer on Lombard’s transportation and safety committee, obtained a letter of recommendation from Lombard’s village president, and offered to forgo the $15,000 salary for Metra board members.
Corso sent Cronin his letter Aug. 5, and Village President Keith Giagnorio sent his letter of recommendation on Aug. 8, saying he had no doubt that Corso “would serve with utmost professionalism and commitment.” But Corso said he got no response.Approximately 30 people submitted applications for the Metra appointment, and “several” were interviewed, Pardonnet said.
Anyone who applied but who did not get a response from Cronin should not feel slighted, she said.
“There is no guarantee of a callback,” she said.
She compared the process to being interviewed for a job but not finding out the result until the final decision was made.
You can read the full story here.

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