Rauner Has The Power To Shut Down Sterigenics – DuPage County Needs To Call On The Governor To Do His Job

Governor Rauner has the authority to shut down Sterigenics and during today’s meeting of the DuPage County Board I asked my colleagues to call on the governor to take action, he has the authority to do what needs to be done. He can shut it down.  At a minimum he should be calling for a task force which would include the EPA, DuPage County, the municipalities and the citizens.


The Chicago Tribune reports the following:

Trump, Rauner have the power to shut down a toxic Willowbrook plant. Will they use it?

Michael Hawthorne

Air pollution within legal limits can still be dangerous. With the Nov. 6 election just two months away, residents in traditionally Republican communities near Sterigenics are clamoring for a more aggressive response from local, state and federal officials. Yet quick action is unlikely for a variety of reasons.

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Ideas floated so far by local elected officials — introducing legislation, passing resolutions, calling to revoke the company’s permit — either offer little leverage against the company or would take months, if not years, to wind through the legislature and courts.

Another option is buried in the same permit that allows Sterigenics to pollute surrounding neighborhoods. Written in obscure legal language, it gives Rauner — or President Donald Trump’s administration — authority to declare the DuPage County facility a threat to public health and seek a court order to immediately shut it down.

You can read the full story here.

You can watch the meeting here.




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