Our Friends and Neighbors Need Your Help-Stop Sterigeincs

Sadly, I’m familiar with dangerous pollution in this county. I spearheaded the effort to bring safe water to a little over 800 families in the early 2000’s. While on the DuPage County Board I’ve been fighting to protect our citizens from health threats. 

Our county is yet again in the middle of another public health crisis, a local business, Steriginics has been emitting dangerous levels of ethylene oxide into the air our friends and neighbors breathe. To make matters worse there is at least one known spill at the site that could pose a threat to people on private wells in the area surrounding Sterigenics.

The moment I heard that the Illinois EPA decided that there “isn’t an immediate health crisis,” something Republicans, including Governor Rauner have repeated… I was reminded of the ordeal my family went through when we learned our water had been poisoned. They were wrong. And people got sick.  That is why I have been calling for DuPage County to reinstate the private well testing program DuPage County Board Chairman Schillerstrom piloted in 2005.  Schillerstrom wanted to make sure the people on private wells were drinking good, clean water.  I am baffled as to why the county is reluctant to test the wells surrounding Sterigenics and waiting for word from the EPA before taking such action.

I also don’t understand why there has been no direct call from the DuPage County Board Chairman to Governor Rauner to declare the site a public health crisis and immediately shut down Sterigenics.

Our friends and neighbors need our help. Please call Governor Rauner and demand that he use his authority and immediately shut down Sterigenics.

Rauner Has The Power To Shut Down Sterigenics – DuPage County Needs To Call On The Governor To Do His Job






Liz Chaplin

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