Key Endorsement From Well Respected DuPage County Physician

Dr. Lanny Wilson, a Hinsdale physician, is the Chairman of the DuPage County Railroad Safety Council and Vice President of the DuPage County Board of Health. Dr. Wilson is well respected throughout our community.

Liz Chaplin treasures the endorsement of people such as Dr. Lanny Wilson.
Dr. Wilson sets a tremendous example of selfless public service.
Thank you Dr. Wilson!





To my neighbors in DuPage County, District 2, who have the opportunity to vote for Liz Chaplin:

How fortunate you are who live in DuPage County, District 2! You are served by one of the most dedicated public servants I know – Liz Chaplin. Since joining our DuPage Railroad Safety Council a few years ago, I have been blessed in getting to know her. Liz is kind, compassionate, and humble; but ready to step forward with confident strength when a wrong needs to be corrected.

Since I live in Hinsdale, I cannot cast a vote for Liz; but I am strongly rooted in DuPage County and am glad to know that Liz is a member of the DuPage County Board – which serves all of the citizens of this great County. Chairman Dan Cronin’s mission to create a more accountable, transparent, and efficient form of government – fits right into the values which I know Liz Chaplin shares with him.

Loyalty, honesty, and integrity come to mind when I think of Liz. She is a devoted wife and mother of three. She seeks the common good and has held many positions of leadership in her community and in the county. If I may be of any assistance in helping to keep her on the DuPage County Board, I want to do so. We need her compassionate energy there.

Lanny F. Wilson, M.D.

Liz Chaplin

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