SNAP Work Requirements Start January 1, 2018 – DuPage County

Starting January 1, 2018, Able-Bodied Adults without Dependents (ABAWD) will be able to receive SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits for only 3 months in a 36 month period UNLESS they qualify for an exemption.

Kristin Hartsaw of the Federation staff has set up a page on our website that has succinct but complete information on this issue. See:

DHS involved us at the very early stages of planning for the expiration of the waiver, and I am confident that this will be implemented well at the DuPage DHS office. Some of the reasons I’m cautiously optimistic about implementation of this change include:
·  First, the employment situation in DuPage has improved enough that we are hearing that jobs are not as difficult to obtain as they were a few years ago. I realize there are still people who are having difficulty, and for those folks, we should explore whether they can qualify for a waiver.
·  There are enough exemptions that we believe the folks who are genuinely in need of SNAP on a daily basis should qualify for the exemption. Health and Human Service providers can assist significantly by ensuring that those who qualify for a health related waiver have the documentation necessary to qualify. DHS assures us that they will administer the documentation in a flexible manner.
·  If someone is in a food-related crisis as a result of the SNAP time limit, we encourage the customer to contact the Federation’s Open Door program at 630-530-8255<tel:(630)%20530-8255> or<>.
Please share this information widely, and let me know if you have questions.


Candace M. King, Executive Director
DuPage Federation on Human Services Reform

Liz Chaplin

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