Illinois Reproductive Health Act

SB 25: Illinois Reproductive Health Act

All over the country we are witnessing legislative bodies infringing upon health decisions made between doctors and patients with restrictive laws regarding reproductive rights with no regard as to whether a procedure is medically necessary or the patient’s choice.

SB 25 Illinois Reproductive Health Act provides for the fundamental right of a woman to make her own decisions about her form of health care, which includes whether or not to use birth control, and values the woman’s ability to make seminal life decisions regarding having a child. It is a difficult decision, and not one that should carry criminal consequences; and this bill speaks to that.

Reproductive health is a basic human right and preserving this right is of utmost importance.

Safe and healthy women and families, freedom of choice, and economic freedom are DuPage County values — SB 25 preserves and strengthens those values. As women, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, and elected officials in DuPage County, we embrace and fully support passage of SB 25.

Ashley Selmon, DuPage County Board, District 1

Liz Chaplin, DuPage County Board, District 2

Julie Rehehan, DuPage County Board, District 3

Mary Ozog, DuPage County Board, District 4

Dawn DeSart, DuPage County Board, District 5

Shelia Rutlegde, DuPage County Board, District 6






Liz Chaplin

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