Hebreard Race Too Close To

Like many places all over the country, DuPage County was the heartbeat of the Republican Party. On November 6th the Democrats made history winning seats they have never won before and some coming remarkably close to their well known, well connected Republican opponents.

And just like many other places all over the country, there is a race in DuPage County that is too close to call. Dan Hebreard was about 3000 votes behind on November 6th, but with thousands of mail-in ballots not counted Dan was in striking distance. Dan went from 3000 behind to 474 behind to 135 behind to know 35 votes behind.

Dan needs your help. For the past two weeks, Dan has spent every day at the DuPage County Election Commission to make sure every vote counts.   If you can help with getting every vote to count, please call 331-222-9529. They need people to examine the reject list, compare it to our data, call the voters, go to their house and notarize affidavits Daniel Hebreard is within 35 votes. Every vote matters.

Please help Dan if you can.


Liz Chaplin

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