First Day Of Early Voting Off To A Troubling Start

The first day of early voting in DuPage County has been marred with numerous problems. People have reported that the electronic voting machines are defaulting to the Republican Candidates and not allowing for a Democratic choice, the machines are dinging when only one vote is cast in the vote for two races, candidates are missing from the electronic ballot and at least 35 people have been turned away from the Olive Tree polling location in Naperville.

If you have any problems please report them to the DuPage Election Commission:  (English) 630-407-5600  (Spanish) 630-407-5608 and Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).

The Daily Herald reports the following:

Some early voters in DuPage will need to use paper ballots

Robert Sanchez

Meghan Hassett, the campaign manager for Laura Ellman — the Naperville Democrat challenging Republican incumbent Michael Connelly in the 21st state Senate District — said she was contacted by voters who were turned away from the early voting location at the Olive Trees Condominiums along Bailey Road in Naperville.

While the commission sent letters to voters notifying them about the change, Hassett said the mailer was “very unclear.”

On Tuesday morning, Hassett called on the DuPage County Board to intervene.

“I’m here today to urge the election commission to provide paper ballots at all of the early voting sites to accommodate those in House District 41 who are currently restricted from voting early, except for two locations,” Hassett said during the public comment portion of the county board meeting.

Ellman also issued a statement accusing the election commission of “suppressing voters” in the district.

“We need fair elections for a functional democracy and accountable government, which means every registered voter in DuPage must be able to cast a ballot at any early voting location within the county,” Ellman said.

By around 1:30 p.m., the election commission announced that paper ballots were going to be available at the Olive Trees Condominiums.

You can read the complete story at the Daily Hearld

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