DuPage County May Support Common Sense Gun Control Laws

Tim Elliott, my colleague on the DuPage County Board, made a very passionate and eloquent statement regarding gun violence during a recent meeting of DuPage County Legislative Committee. Tim made a recommendation that the county support a measure that would ban bump stocks that allow guns to fire more rapidly. I fully support Tim’s recommendation.

Last week I sent an email to  members of the DuPage County Health Department, Sheriff’s Office and the Chairmen of the Health and Human Service, Judicial Public Safety and Legislative committees to gather support in finding solutions that protects the 2nd amendment but will also keep our children safe by supporting common sense gun control laws.

The legislation I recommended includes SB1657 Gun Dealer Licensing (GDL) sponsored by Don Harmon. SB1657 provides that it is unlawful for a person to engage in the business of selling, leasing, or otherwise transferring firearms without a license issued by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Provides that a dealership agent other than a dealer licensee-in-charge may act on behalf of the licensed dealership without being licensed as a dealer under the Act.

Another important piece of legislation is SB559 The Lethal Violence Order of Protection (LVOP). SB559 will allow family members of people exhibiting symptoms of severe mental health crises, like the school shooter in Parkland did, to petition the courts to remove their firearms on a temporary basis.

Gun violence has become a public health crisis. I want the senseless killing of our children come to an end.  Since our federal government is failing us, it is up to us at the local level to act.

I am proud of my colleague Tim Elliott for making a bold statement on the issue of gun violence.  I look forward to working with Tim and rally support for these common sense gun reform laws that are long past due.

The Daily Herald reports the following:

Some county board members are calling on DuPage to weigh in on the gun control debate by supporting or opposing several proposals in Springfield, including a ban on bump stocks.

County board member Tim Elliott says a number of state laws are being proposed after the Feb. 14 mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.

“As a county, it would be easy for us to say, ‘That’s Springfield’s deal. Let’s let them pass whatever legislation they’re going to pass,'” Elliott told members of the county board’s legislative and government affairs committee on Tuesday. “But I don’t think that position would be consistent with our core values.”

You can read the story here.

You can find the full text of SB1657 here.

You can find the full text of SB559 here. 

Liz Chaplin

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