DuPage County Election Commission Consolidation

For years Jean Kaczmarek has been calling for the consolidation of the DuPage County Election Commission and the Clerks Office. When she ran for DuPage County Clerk in 2014 that was her platform. As an unpaid DuPage government watchdog for a decade, Jean has closely watched the is Election Commission. Jean has uncovered glaring problems there including double-dipping pensions and practices violating the Ethics Ordinance and Personnel Policy. Jean was recently recognized by the Citizens Advocacy Center for her efforts to clean up the DuPage Election Commission.

Most recently, Ms. Kaczmarek successfully advocated for an amendment to the DuPage County Election Commission’s Ethics policy to include a prohibition for attorneys working for the election commission from making campaign contributions to candidates for elected offices within the election commission’s jurisdiction.

Ms. Kaczmarek is being recognized for her tireless efforts since 2005 to advocate for good government ethics within the DuPage County Board, the DuPage County Forest Preserve, and the DuPage County Election Commission, including the pursuit of increased transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

You can read the Citizens Advocacy Center full statement here

In the spring of 2015 Senator Chris Nybo and I teamed up and asked the Governors’ Task Force to look into the idea of consolidating the two entities.

You can read about that here.

The Daily Herald reports the following

Robert Sanchez

DuPage County officials will ask state lawmakers to return election oversight power to the county clerk’s office by merging it with the DuPage Election Commission.

The proposed consolidation would combine the functions of both offices while maintaining bipartisan oversight of elections in DuPage, officials said Tuesday.

You can read the full story here.

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