DuPage County Creating Policy For Intergovernmental Agreements-Updated 7-3

For years the DuPage County Board has passed an Intergovernmental Agreement between DuPage County and the City of Naperville to provide funding in the amount of $100,000 for the continued operation of the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility.

Two weeks ago the item was tabled in part because of procedural questions. The procedure used two weeks ago has been the same procedure the county has used for years. Two weeks ago there was a concern that the intergovernmental agreement went from the Environmental Committee to the County Board meeting without going through the Finance Committee. The intergovernmental agreement was tabled. Yesterday the Intergovernmental Agreement between DuPage County and the City of Naperville was brought before and passed out of both the Finance Committee and the County Board meeting.

I did a little research and it didn’t take long for me to determine that the DuPage County Board approved $610,920.00 in intergovernmental agreements that went from a standing committee to the board without going through the Finance Committee since January. In fact, the same day the Intergovernmental Agreement between DuPage County and the City of Naperville was pulled in part because of the concern it was not reviewed by the Finance Committee the board approved an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Department of Transportation and IDOT in the amount of $153,750.00 an increase of  891.30%  and total estimated costs of $171,000.00 that did not go to the Finance Committee. No concerns, no questions and no hoopla.

Yesterday I spoke about the inconsistency with regards to the practice of how intergovernmental agreements are processed. Staff confirmed my findings that in fact, many intergovernmental agreements had been approved without being reviewed by the Finance Committee. I am pleased to announce that county staff is in the process of creating a policy for intergovernmental agreements so in the future we don’t experience what took place a few weeks ago.

As a member of the board and in the minority party, it is my job to challenge, question and stand up when I know the playing field is not always level.  It’s important to insist that the same standards apply to all committees and board members. Consistency is the key.

You can read more about the Intergovernmental Agreement between DuPage and the City of Naperville here.


Per discussion at the June 26th Board meeting, it has been communicated to DuPage County departments that all Intergovernmental Agreements that have a financial impact are required to go to Finance Committee, prior to County Board.






Liz Chaplin

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