DuPage County Clerk does half the job of all other clerks yet is the highest paid but lets go after the deputies

Why Does DuPage Pay the Most for its County Clerk?

Written by Jean Kaczmarek May 14, 2014

DuPage Pays 43 Percent More for its County Clerk than the Average Salary of Top 10 Other County Clerks in Illinois

In every county in Illinois, the electoral process is carried out by the County Clerk’s office, with one exception – DuPage. We are the only county with an independent county-wide electoral process. I’ve been critical of this structure while witnessing years of conflicts of interest, patronage appointments, and massive over-spending.

A conspicuous and strangely overlooked chunk of this over-spending has been the bloated salaries at the top. This month, the County Board will be voting on the salaries of elected officials, so I’ve compiled the clerk salaries of the top ten most-populated counties in Illinois aside from DuPage.

The salaries range from $81,500 to $121,700. The average salary is $99,700. If you ask any of these county clerks what their number one responsibility is, he or she would say: Administration of the electoral process.

Our county clerk has nothing to do with elections, yet he receives a base salary of $143,000. That’s 43 percent more than the average these other clerks make. He receives by far the most pay with the least amount of responsibility.

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 In 2014 DuPage County set salary schedules for the County Board and the other countywide offices that provided for a 2% increase in both FY2017 and FY2018.

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*Note: County Clerk’s receive a $6,500 annual stipend from the Department of Revenue.


The Daily Herald Reports the following

Robert Sanchez

DuPage County spends roughly double the money to provide courthouse security as four other collar counties, according to a new study.

The main reason is DuPage’s use of full-time, sworn sheriff’s deputies for almost every court security position. In Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will counties, lower-paid court security officers are used.
On average, DuPage spends nearly $160,000 annually for each of its 44 courtrooms.

In the other counties, costs range from $75,000 to $95,000 per courtroom, according to the study, done by DuPage administrators for the county board. The study didn’t include Cook County, which uses sheriff’s deputies for court security.

DuPage’s higher costs have sparked a debate between Sheriff John Zaruba and county board members on whether full-time deputies are needed at the main courthouse in Wheaton and four field courts.

“We’re looking for ways that our departments can be cost effective,” said Paul Fichtner, the chairman of the county board’s finance committee. “We’re discovering with the court security that we are way above what other counties pay for similar service.”

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