DuPage County Board Meeting Recap from January 15, 2019

“It’s not fair to whoever the county clerk is to say, ‘Fix it in one month and get a whole new system up and running,'” said Hinds, who spent 18 years working for the clerk’s office before being elected in 2014.

He said it’s “probably better” to hold off on the transition until after the spring election.

Hinds and Kaczmarek both say DuPage’s structure for running elections has been in place for decades, so waiting a few extra months isn’t going to make much of a difference.” September 25, 2018, The Daily Herald

Ignoring the recommendations of Paul Hinds and Jean Kaczmarek, members of the public and staff the Republicans on the DuPage County Board voted to merge the election commission with the clerk’s office immediately instead of after the municipal elections. Today’s vote makes things more difficult for Clerk Kaczmarek but I have complete confidence in Clerk Kaczmarek’s ability to make sure the job is done right.

For years 14 years Jean has made good recommendations of how to improve elections in DuPage, applied to be on the Election Commission board and tried to remove politics from the electoral process.  It was clear that this was a retaliation vote made by the Republican members based on Jean’s years of activism. Yesterday the Republican board members put partisan politics ahead of good governance.

Members of the Public at the DuPage County Board Meeting

Clerk Kaczmarek During the meeting of the DuPage County Board

Members of the board debating the Election Commission merger

Members of the board debating the Election Commission merger


On the bright side, there will be another chance for the board to work in a bi-partisan manner. Chairman Cronin announced yesterday that he will be bringing forward a Responsible Bidder Ordinance. The Responsible Bidder Ordinance allows a public body’s procurement codes to specify certain criteria that a contractor must meet in order to be eligible to perform work. The resolution could include proper business registrations, show past compliance with environmental, labor and safety laws, relevant insurance coverage, prevailing wage compliance and training such as apprenticeship programs. In the long run, the Responsible Bidder Ordinance saves the taxpayer money by providing good quality construction.


Chairman Cronin presiding over DuPage County Board meeting


Last Saturday the members of the DuPage County Board had the opportunity to meet U.S. Representative Sean Casten to discuss the Federal government shutdown. Also present at the meeting were local, county and state government human-service providers.

We heard about the devastating effects the government shutdown is having on organizations such as the YWCA, food assistance providers, traffic controllers, health service providers, domestic violence centers and immigration assistance groups to name a few. There is no one at the IRS to answer tax questions.

There are federal government employees that live in DuPage County that have missed their first paycheck.

Local government provides many services to the most vulnerable in our county. The shutdown is causing unnecessary stress and concern to this population.

The DuPage County Board represents just shy of one million people. We are larger than some states. During yesterdays county board meeting I asked Chairman Cronin to issue a statement or letter on behalf of our residents that would strongly encourage our representatives in Washington D.C. to seek an immediate end to the government shutdown.


U.S. Representative Sean Casten with members of the DuPage County Board


You can read the Daily Herald Coverage here.

You can watch the video here.


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