Double Standard in DuPage County

During the May 27th meeting of the DuPage County Board, I had asked if we could include the word air in our updated Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan mentions water quality and since our community was hit hard by Steriginics I thought it might be a good idea to reference air quality as well. The Chairman pointed out that I need to do my homework and come prepared to the meetings. I fired back that we received our packet late Friday afternoon, Monday was a holiday and there simply wasn’t enough time to get a hold of staff before the meeting.

Flash forward to the June 11th meeting of the DuPage County Board, as Chairwomen of the Environmental Committee I am giving the committee update and motion to approve an Intergovernmental Agreement between DuPage County and the City of Naperville, all hell breaks loose.  Member Jim Zay questions the procedure and asks questions about the intergovernmental agreement. He is allowed all the time he needed to loudly question and request additional information, information that was included in the board packet. Newly elected Board Member Julie Renehan rightly called out the double standard. It is true when some board members ask questions they are criticized and belittled while others get a free pass to ask questions and request more information.

During our last meeting on June 25th  Board Member Tim Elliott called on the Clerk Jean Kaczmarek to answer questions regarding the minutes. Board Member Elliott was allowed to question the clerk with no interruptions and there were no questions as to why he did not call the clerk before the meeting to discuss his concerns. During the same meeting board members were chastised for asking legitimate questions and asking for more information regarding a major structural change to county government which also included hefty increases in salaries.

I have always supported allowing more time for members to get the information they need and the time they need to do the necessary research. I may not be so accommodating anymore.

When I ran for the DuPage County Board I said I would challenge the status quo, ask questions and do my homework and that is what I am doing.


The Daily Herald reports the following

Cronin’s Restructuring Plan Draws Fire From Critics

DuPage holds off on $100K for hazardous waste facility in Naperville; board member says city benefits most in deal

DuPage renews support for hazardous waste facility in Naperville

Liz Chaplin, whose appointment ended last June, was ignored and even ridiculed by other Commissioners





Liz Chaplin

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