Below is the original copy of Resolution CB-R-0875-18. Resolution CB-R-0875-18 is the resolution regarding the operation of the Sterigenics Willowbrook Facility.

Sterigenics Corporate Headquarters is located in Oak Brook, which is in District 2. The resolution will be amended, on my recommendation, to include District 2 County Board Members.

I believe that it is important to send a message to Sterigenics that the representatives in their home district do not approve of their past safety history and that the health and safety of the people in Dupage is our priority.

This is how we #buildabetterdupage




Last week I called for the ban of use of  ethylene oxide in DuPage County. During yesterday’s meeting of the DuPage County Board a resolution was passed that included revoking Sterigenics operating permit and for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to ban the use of ethylene oxide at the facility until further health and environmental studies are completed. While the resolution is a good first step, it doesn’t go far enough. Ethylene oxide is a known carcinogen, there is no safe use and it is dangerous to humans, that is why I continue to call for and support a full ban of the use of ethylene oxide.

You can watch the meeting here.

You can read more here.


What Are DuPage County Lobbyists Doing? Why Are We Paying Them?

The day after I cast the lone no vote to spend $260,000 to retain three lobbying firms, Jake Griffin, writer for the Daily Herald, published a study that finds for every dollar DuPage County taxpayers send to Springfield, the state returns 31 cents. That’s the lowest rate of return among all 102 counties in Illinois.

I believe that the best lobbyists for the people of DuPage County are the elected officials. Kane County proves my point. Kane County Board members act as their own lobbyists and 76 cents comes back for every dollar they send to Springfield.

Cook County uses lobbyists and they see a much better return on their investment. Cook County receives 80 cents for every dollar they send down to Springfield.

Cook County and DuPage County share a lobbying firm, All-Circo. I questioned how All-Circo could possible represent the interest of DuPage County and Cook County. Looks like Cook County is getting the better deal.

What are our lobbyists doing? What are we paying them for?



In 2015 I sent the below referenced questions to DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin:

The county has failed to seek Request for Qualifications for the lobbyists. Why has the county not sought RFQ’s? Is not seeking RFQ’s considered best practice?

All Circo is DuPage County’s lead lobbyists. All Circo is also Cook County’s lead lobbyists. How can All Circo represent both the interests of DuPage County and Cook County?

How much revenue have the lobbyists brought to DuPage County in the past two years? What projects have the lobbyists secured for DuPage County in the past two years? What direct benefit have the lobbyists brought to the residents of DuPage County in the past two years?








Earlier this year I worked with the Legislative Committee and earned their support for a ban of trichloroethylene (TCE) and other toxic chemicals. You can read more here.

I am pleased that the 2018 DuPage County Federal Legislative Priorities included Environmental Health and Water Quality Issues both of which were based on my recommendations. You can read more here.

I was alarmed to read about Sterigenics International, Inc. use of ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide could be harmful to people. A report released by the EPA on Aug. 21 states that elevated risks of ethylene oxide could  pose a public health hazard for people living in the area. Ethylene oxide is toxic chemical and exposure can cause increase risk for certain cancers including leukemia, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer and non hodgkin lymphoma.

After the  discovery in 2001 that our well water was contaminated with Trichloroethylene  (TCE) the EPA sent letters to 800 home owners in unincorporated Lisle Township telling us to immediately stop using our water. We could not drink or cook with our water. We could not bathe in our water. We were instructed to shower with a window open or exhaust fan on so we would breath in the toxic chemical. For two and a half years we lived in a home that had no value. We worried about the health of our children, our friends and neighbors. We attended meetings of all local government bodies, traveled to Springfield and worked with the U.S. EPA to find a safe water supply.

The residents of Willowbrook and the surrounding area should not have to wait two years for a solution. That is why I took action yesterday.

During yesterdays meeting of the DuPage County Environmental Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee I asked that each committee to support a ban on the use of ethylene oxide in DuPage County. I asked each committee to make a recommendation to the Legislative Committee to introduce legislation that would ban the use of ethylene oxide in DuPage County. I am hopeful that the committees will move forward with my recommendation.

You  can read more about Sterigenics here.







DuPage County Referendum Questions-What You Need To Know

In an attempt to get Republican voters out to the polls for the November 6th General Election the DuPage County Board approved three non binding referendum questions to be place on the ballot.

Below are the questions that will appear on the ballot:

“Shall DuPage County oppose the General Assembly instituting a property tax increase equivalent to 1% of your home’s value to help retire state debt?”

“Shall DuPage County oppose the creation of a statewide Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT) which would tax DuPage County citizens based upon the number of miles driven annually?”

“Shall DuPage County continue to dissolve and consolidate units of local government to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and increase accountability?”

I questioned the validity of the questions during the August 14th meeting of the DuPage County Board. While I agree with my colleagues that allowing our residents a voice via referendum is a good public policy and I voted yes, I would have rather had questions that pertained to DuPage County Government on the ballot. 

The 1% tax on 1% of your property value would be political suicide as reported by Rich Miller from Capital Fax, and it will almost certainly never come to fruition, why is it “important” to know whether DuPage County residents oppose it? You can read the story here.

House Resolution 766, introduced by Charles Meier, opposes the Vehicle Milage Tax. The DuPage County Board could take action right now and add it to our list of bills and resolutions we oppose. Why wait until November 6th to take action? You can read the Resolution here.

3. The final question is a no brainer “Do DuPage residents desire local government to be more accountable, efficient and cost-effective?” No harm in putting it on the ballot my only concern is that the question is very misleading. Have you seen a significant reduction in your property taxes?

If it were up to me I would put the below referenced questions on the ballot:

“DuPage County elected officials are the highest paid in the state. Should the residents of DuPage County support a 10 year salary freeze?”

“DuPage County residents pay for the pensions, health insurance and vehicles of the countywide elected officials. Should the countywide elected officials stop taking the taxpayer funded handouts and fund their own retirement via a 401k and pay their own healthcare and vehicle costs?”

“DuPage County Board routinely provides no-bid contracts to vendors who donate to their campaigns. Should the residents of DuPage County require that all county contracts be provided to the lowest bid offer via a multiple-vendor bidding procedure?”

A good friend of mine has a saying “one party rule serves the party not the people.”  I don’t think these questions will sway voters one way or the other. I believe the people of DuPage are smarter than that and understand when the wool is being pulled over their eyes.

NOTE: A NON BINDNG REFERENDUM means that the results are non binding, having no legal or binding force.



Craft Vendors Needed for DuPage Care Center’s 51st Annual Fall Festival


Wheaton – The DuPage Care Center is currently seeking craft vendors for the 51st annual Fall Festival to be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 15 in the Center’s west parking lot.

The Festival will have many features including a classic car show, a resident craft sale, children’s games, garage sale, book fair, live music, flea market as well as the popular craft sale. The family-friendly event benefits the Care Center’s Resident Recreation Fund, which helps to provide residents with quality of life programs and services.

If you are interested in making a creative contribution, please call the Care Center at (630) 784-4495 or email fallfestival@dupageco.org.

For more information, please visit http://www.dpccfoundation.org/.

Elmhurst Electronics Recycling Event

DuPage County is pleased to announce that they have been able to partner with the City of Elmhurst on a one-day electronics recycling event open to residents that will be the end of the month. The details are as follows:

Elmhurst Electronics Recycling Event August 25th, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

985 S Riverside Dr, Elmhurst, IL 60126

Fees for TVs & Monitors A coupon and 501c3 tax receipt provided upon payment at the site. Payment can be made in advance at http://recycle.eworksesi.org/ 

up to 21 inches $25

 21 inches and above $35.

All other electronics accepted at no charge (computer, laptop, DVD players, game consoles, mobile phones, VCRs, mice, scanners, fax machines, keyboards, satellite receivers, copiers, printers, digital converter boxes, cable receivers, servers). 

Supporting DuPage County Students Making A Difference In Our Community and Beyond

                         Where there is no vision, there is no hope. – George Washington Carver

A few months ago I met a lovely young women named Prevail Bonga. Prevail recently graduated from Downers Grove North High School.  Prevail has been an advocate for gun safety and she is standing up for immigrants. She participated in the March for Our Lives Tour held in Naperville and she also spoke eloquently about her families path to find a better life at the Immigration Rally in Downer Grove.

Prevail is a very articulate and bright young women who’s passion for helping others and wanting to make the world a better place evident by her vision and hope.

Prevail wanted to help the children in Chicago that attend the pubic schools. She had visited with some of the students from CPS and realized they were in need of so many things. Prevail and her friend Emily Gornik took action and with a few of their friends they organized a Back to School Drive for CPS students. The Back to School Drive will benefit two schools, an elementary school in West Englewood and a high school in Roseland.

I am happy to support these outstanding young women from DuPage County who are making a difference in our community and beyond. I hope you will come out and support this great cause.


Where: Downers Grove North High School Main Street Parking Lot

When:  August 11th 3:00 – 7:00 PM

Supplies needed:

Pens, Pencils, Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils

Books, beginner to advanced, new and gently used

Backpacks, any size

Notebooks, Folders, Glue, Scissors, Tape

Paper, lined and for painting





Laundry Detergent

Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

Tissue, Disinfecting Wipes

All Toiletries Must Be New 



DuPage County: More Misused Funds

In May, I wrote about DuPage County using the RTA sales tax to balance the General Fund rather than being used for our roads and public transit.  In July it was brought to the attention of the Finance Committee members that the Coroner Fee Fund has been providing relief to the General Fund.  The law states that the General Fund is responsible for paying the fees associated with autopsies. Since 2007, the fees associated with autopsies have been paid from the Coroner Fee Fund. Richard Jorgensen, the DuPage County Coroner, has requested that the fees associated with autopsies be paid from the General Fund as stated in the Illinois Statute, and use the Coroner Fee Fund funds for the purpose that was initially passed.

It appears the Coroner Fee Fund can no longer bare the burden of providing relief to the General Fund. This is not sound budgeting. This is simply a diversion of funds, kicking the can down the road. Below are questions that I have asked. These are important questions that need to be answered:

Besides the RTA Tax and the Coroner Fee Fund how many other funds are being used in the General Fund that were appropriated for specific purpose other than the General Fund?
If we were to allocate the RTA funds to transportation what impact would that have on the General Fund?
If the General Fund were to pay for the fees associated with autopsies as required by Illinois State Statute what impact would that have on the General Fund? 

You can read more about the misused funds here.



For years Jean Kaczmarek has been working as a government watchdog, her main focus has been the DuPage Election Commission.  Jean has been calling for the electoral process to be returned to the clerk’s office for over 13 years. Today, Bruce Rauner was in DuPage County were he joined DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin in signing legislation amending the Election Code to allow DuPage to dissolve the commission and transfer its functions to the county clerk’s office effective Jan. 1. Jean was not invited to the bill signing and has never been recognized for her hard work. We will not let Jean’s efforts go unrecognized. Please see below.


Date: 7/22/2018

For Release: IMMEDIATE




For years Jean Kaczmarek has been calling for the electoral process to be returned to the clerk’s office. This Monday, Bruce Rauner will be in DuPage County and will join DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin in signing legislation amending the Election Code to allow DuPage to dissolve the commission and transfer its functions to the county clerk’s office effective Jan. 1. Jean was not invited to the bill signing and has never been recognized for her hard work. We will not let Jean’s efforts go unrecognized. In order to honor Jean please repost this and please use the attached photo as your profile picture.

Governor Rauner to Sign Long-Awaited Consolidation Bill July 23rd in DuPage County

GLEN ELLYN, IL – 2018 Democratic candidate for DuPage County Clerk, Jean Kaczmarek, is satisfied that after her 13 years of advocating the return of elections to the County Clerk’s office, the move is one step closer with the signing of House Bill 5123 in DuPage County on July 23rd.

“Until the end of 2016, no one wanted to talk about moving the electoral process back to the County Clerk’s office except for one person – me. Today the governor is here signing the bill. That’s a seismic shift,” Kaczmarek says.

Kaczmarek adds, “If you ask 100 county clerks in Illinois what their number one responsibility was, he or she would reply: Administering the electoral process. DuPage’s county clerk hasn’t had that job, yet enjoys the largest salary of anyone holding that county office in the entire state...by far. That’s just plain wrong. It’s time for a change.”

DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin’s first effort to bring consolidation of the two offices was in January 2017. The “hybrid model” would have allowed the County Board Chairman to maintain appointment power of a Commission under the County Clerk’s office. A bill was eventually tabled in the House. “I objected because it wasn’t progress. I held out for a clean, constitutional bill DuPage deserved.”

Kaczmarek has been a county government watchdog since 2005, volunteering much of her time scrutinizing the DuPage County Election Commission. The Commission has been an “independent” government body since 1974 following a County Board ordinance (see attachment). Until a few years ago, DuPage had the only separate county-wide election office in Illinois.

She soon realized that there were flaws in the structure which made oversight and problem-solving challenging. “For years, whenever I approached other officials in the County to assist me, they would shake their heads no and say it was outside their jurisdiction,” Kaczmarek says.

Kaczmarek found the definition of “independent” misleading. The Commission board is made up of three members, each appointed and reappointed exclusively by the County Board Chairman. Each Commissioner is paid $27,500 annually and meets once per month. For 44 years, there were always two Republicans and one Democrat on the Board. Lobbyists, spinners, printers, attorneys and other vendors chosen during the decades had political ties. Further, the Commission was not a taxing body and relied on the County for its funding, office space and other governmental functions such as Human Resources.

“In theory, independence sounds great,” Kaczmarek adds. “In reality, true independence proved impossible.”

DuPage’s Election Commission has faced numerous challenges over the years. Most recently, there was a long delay in 2018 Primary Election Night results due to faulty ender cards provided by a vendor for the optical-scan machines; the cards also damaged 167 machines. Last week, the Commission’s executive director, Joe Sobecki, abruptly resigned.

“People are looking for a County Clerk candidate with a demonstrated knowledge and passion for elections,” Kaczmarek says. “There is only one candidate with this qualification.”

#     #     #


EDITOR’S NOTE: Attached are the candidate’s photo, along with the 1973 DuPage County Board ordinance creating the Election Commission.