Calls for consolidation finally answered

For years Jean Kaczmarek has been calling for the consolidation of the DuPage County Election Commission and the Clerks Office. When she ran for DuPage County Clerk in 2014 that was her platform.  As an unpaid DuPage government watchdog for a decade, Jean has closely watched the Election Commission.  Jean has uncovered glaring problems there including double-dipping pensions and practices violating the Ethics Ordinance and Personnel Policy.

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When I ran for DuPage County Board is 2006 and 2012 I also talked about consolidating the DuPage County Election Commission and the Clerks Office.

In the spring of 2015 Senator Chris Nybo and I teamed up and asked the Governors’ Task Force to look into the idea of consolidating the two entities.

The Suburban Life reported the following:

Published: Thursday, May 7, 2015 7:04 p.m. CDT

Nathan Lurz

One of the biggest issues of 2014’s DuPage County clerk race was the future of the DuPage Election Commission – namely whether it should continue.

Now a pair of local legislators are asking the lieutenant governor’s office to take another look at it.

State Sen. Chris Nybo, R-Elmhurst, and Democrat DuPage County Board member Liz Chaplin have teamed up to request a special statewide task force consider dissolving the agency.

The county’s election commission is one of only a few in the state, as most elections are run by each county clerk’s office. DuPage is one of the few that are run by a separate entity.

“We had been talking about consolidation efforts in DuPage, so I thought that if we’re going to be serious about consolidation [then] we need to look at the election commission,” Chaplin said. “Maybe it’s not feasible, maybe it’s not worth doing, but we’re asking the task force to look at it and act on it if they choose.”

The commission was created more than four decades ago, according to the county’s website. As a separate entity, it requires separate personnel, extra office space and extra taxpayer dollars – something worth looking into, Nybo said.

Nybo said Chaplin approached him with the idea, and that the idea had merit.

He said he hoped the consolidation would put the power back into an elected office and setting up a system where the parties themselves choose who sits on the board.

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As more calls for the consolidation of the DuPage Election Commission and the Clerks Office, DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin has finally taken the first step to make the consolidation a reality.

The most recent call for consolidation of the two entities came from the Daily Herald Editorial Board, last week they published the following:

Write-in mistakes show need for change in DuPage election system

Or, perhaps some money can be found to improve operations by revisiting the issue of consolidating election work under the county clerk’s purview, as it is done in many other counties. DuPage County has been lauded as a leader in government consolidation in the state. Is there some low-hanging fruit here that’s been missed?

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