And So It Begins

Not even 24 hours after the DuPage County Election Commission was dissolved I have received a legitimate concern from a constituent about the hasty decision made by the DuPage County Board regarding the DuPage Election Commission. A constituent sent an email with concerns that on Monday, January 14th they had filed an appeal in the DuPage County Circuit Court of a written administrative decision that was rendered by the DuPage County Election Commission on Friday, Jan 11, 2019.

My constitute learned on Tuesday that the DuPage County Election Commission was dissolved with the appeal case pending. My constituent is very unhappy and disappointed by the actions of the DuPage County Board. My constituent feels their legal case is now in the middle of a political football game.  I agree. The DuPage County Board with a split vote of 11-7 Republicans voting in favor, Democrats opposed, dissolved the DuPage County Election Commission and the duties of the election commission were assigned to the Clerk’s office with no transition plan in place.

When the Clerk’s office was stripped of the electoral process in October 1973 the DuPage County Board had the wisdom and understanding that there needed to be a transition period.  The Election Commission was not formed until January 24, 1974, leaving a 3 month period to transition.

Imagine if we just “dissolve” the DuPage Water Commission or the DuPage Airport Authority with no transition period or plans in place.





Liz Chaplin


  1. Why do you and/or the other democrats on the board think the republicans didn’t want a transition period? I’m confused. Please explain if you can.

  2. Dear Ms. Censotti,
    Ignoring the recommendations of Paul Hinds (former clerk) and Jean Kaczmarek (current clerk), members of the public and staff the Republicans on the DuPage County Board voted to merge the election commission with the clerk’s office immediately instead of after the municipal elections.

    The Republicans chose to dissolve a government entity with no transition period or plan. Those are the facts.

    • I’m a supporter of yours. I just was wondering why you thought the republican board members didn’t want to have a transition. It’s a perhaps such a naive question it sounded unintentionally confrontational.

  3. GOP wants less non GOP voters so they try to make it hard to vote. Way to stop it Dems need to resolve to vote and maintain integrity of the vote or we will be no better than ga stripping people of voting rights. Keep the Republicans transparent. Go door to door if necessary.

    • Got it – thank you, Liz. I appreciate you getting back to me. Take care – Eileen

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