Always Watching Out for the DuPage County Taxpayer

Always watching out for the DuPage County taxpayer.  Please see below excerpts from DuPage United, The Daily Herald and Chicago Tribune

DuPage United Delegate Assembly 10-07-10

During the years of fiscal mismanagement, there was a consistent voice calling for restraint. Commissioner Liz Chaplin, whose appointment ended last June, was ignored and even ridiculed by other Commissioners, but outside investigators brought in to find out where all the money went lauded her efforts. Tonight we want to thank Liz Chaplin for 8 years of dedicated service as a Water Commissioner —

DuPage Water Commission – Jake Griffin -Daily Herald Some longtime commissioners like Poole and county-appointee Liz Chaplin are singled out for praise in the report for their efforts to try to alert the commission of the financial problems only to be rebuked by staff or fellow commissioners.

Chicago Tribune Editorial

$$ down the drain
March 24, 2010

Commissioners Allan Poole, who discovered a $15 million accounting error by Richter in 2006, and Liz Chaplin, a County Board appointee, tried to raise an alarm numerous times about the opacity of the commission’s finances. But Poole and Chaplin were ignored on a board cleaved by a rivalry between municipal appointees and county appointees.

Liz Chaplin

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