The More The DuPage County Republican’s Delay The More You Pay

With the retirement of our current recorder, now is the time.

90 of the 102 counties have either never had a Recorder of Deeds or they have been eliminated the office.

In 2017 Winnegabo County had commissioned a comprehensive study regarding eliminating the recorder’s office. We don’t need to waste tax dollars to reinvent the wheel, the work has already been done.

The DuPage County Republicans would have you believe they need to spend your hard-earned tax dollars to simply eliminate one office. It’s not that difficult. We are not the first county to eliminate the office of the recorder.

Even with this year’s budget calling for an increase in the levy DuPage County does not have enough money to fully fund the Sheriff’s or the Clerk’s budgets. Every penny counts when you have no money. The elimination of the office of the recorder would save at least $200,000 a year.

A one year delay costs the taxpayers $200,000 a two-year delay costs taxpayers $400,000 a three-year delay costs you $600,000.

The longer the Republicans delay the more of you pay.


The Naperville Sun wrote a story about yesterday’s meeting you can read it here.