Let The Voters Decide the Fate Of the Recorder Of Deeds Office

Why not let voters of DuPage County decide if they want to eliminate the Recorder of Deeds Office and transfer the duties to the Clerk’s Office? Some Republicans are opposed to letting the voters decide. They want a “study” first.

The people of DuPage County should be allowed to vote on whether they want to keep an elected office that is not constitutionally mandated. An office that has been eliminated by 87% of Illinois counties including the Cook County, the largest county in the state.

Let the DuPage County voters have a say in their government. It’s what our democracy was founded on.

The Daily Herald, Robert Sanchez, reports the following here.

DuPage officials plan to study whether the recorder’s office should be merged with the county clerk’s office.

But one county board member says she already wants the consolidation idea taken to voters, with or without a study.

Elizabeth Chaplin is calling for a binding question about the proposed merger to appear on the March primary election ballot. The full board is expected to discuss Chaplin’s plan during its Oct. 8 meeting.

“If the voters want to keep the recorder’s office, great,” the Downers Grove Democrat said. “If they don’t want the recorder’s office, it should be eliminated. But we should let the people decide.”

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Let Voters Decide On Future Of The Recorder of Deeds Office

90 of the 102 counties in Illinois have merged the recorder of Deeds office with the county clerk’s office. Illinois largest county, Cook County, voted to eliminate the office in 2016.

Both clerk and recorder offices perform record-keeping functions, and the recorder’s office is not mandated by the state constitution.

If nothing else the county would save a salary upwards of $150,000 annually and benefits.

Please contact your DuPage County Board Member and let them know you want the following question on the March 2020 General Primary Ballot.

“Shall the Office of the DuPage County Recorder of Deeds be eliminated and all the duties and responsibilities of the Office of the DuPage County Recorder of Deeds be transferred to, and assumed by the Office of the DuPage County Clerk by December 2020.”



The Daily Herald reports the following:

A county board member wants to let voters decide this spring whether to eliminate the DuPage recorder’s office and merge its duties with the county clerk’s office.

Downers Grove Democrat Elizabeth Chaplin says she would like to see the question on the March primary election ballot so the consolidation could take effect in November 2020.

The time is right, she said, because longtime Recorder Fred Bucholz is planning to retire after four terms.

“It would be a perfect transition into the clerk’s office,” Chaplin said.

County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek oversaw one consolidation earlier this year when her office merged with the DuPage Election Commission.

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