Village of Lisle Backyard Chicken Survey

As more people are seeking a sustainable lifestyle some local governments are seeking ways to accommodate the people they represent.

Good job Lisle.

Village of Lisle Backyard Chicken Survey

In response to recent requests from Lisle residents to keep backyard chickens, the Village Board has asked that further input from the community be gathered in the form of a short online survey.

The Village intends to continue the prohibition on roosters; the survey questions are exclusively related to the keeping of chickens. Survey results will be tabulated and presented to the Village Board to assist them with policy making decisions regarding this topic. Responses are anonymous with the opportunity to provide contact information at the end of the survey.

The deadline to fill out the survey is Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The survey can be found here.



I would have to say that Jean Kaczmarek is the gem of DuPage County. As a citizen watch dog for over a decade Jean has uncovered numerous anomalies at the DuPage Election Commission. Please take a few minutes to listen to her latest statement.

Let’s Dance – Raising Funds For DuPage County Senior Citizens

On May 12, Sean Allen and I will be on the dancefloor to raise awareness and funds for the DuPage Senior Citizens Council at the 7th Annual Dancing with the Starz Benefit Gala.

 The DuPage Senior Citizens Council’s mission is to support seniors in need to live their lives with dignity. They provide many services including:

Meals on Wheels
Well-being checks
Yard clean-ups
Handyman services
I invite you to support Sean and I as we raise awareness and funds for this important organization.  Here is how you can get involved:
Vote for Liz and Sean!  Each dollar pledged = one vote you can use the link provided to my dancer page and choose an amount that is comfortable for you or select your own amount.
You can attend the event!
Your support is appreciated.
Liz Chaplin