Democratic Party of DuPage Supports Consolidation of the Election Commission and the Clerk’s Office

In response to the Daily Herald article DuPage voters may get say on dissolving election commission here.

The Democratic Party of DuPage County has been advocating for the consolidation of the DuPage County Election Commission with the County Clerk’s Office for years.

As to Senate Bill 1592 which was introduced earlier this year by DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin, the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of DuPage County voted in March of 2017 to oppose the legislation. The concerns were the appointment process, the salary of the commissioners and the transition schedule.

The appointment process in SB 1592 was much too complicated. The DuPage Democratic Party proposed recommendations to make the process less complicated and more fair.

As to the salary, the legislation authorized the county board to set the salary for the election commissioners in an amount not to exceed 25% of the salary of any county board member. The DuPage Democrats recommended striking the complete provision and simply set a reasonable salary comparable to other county wide election boards in the body of the legislation, approximately $3,200.

Finally, the legislation was missing a transition schedule of the new board and dissolution terms of the old board. We believed that these two components were necessary to ensure a successful shift from old to new and not continuing the outrageously high salaries. The appointments and the salaries should take affect following the legislation going into effect.

The DuPage Democratic organization supports returning the duties of the electoral process over to the clerk’s office as long as the process is done in an open, fair, inclusive and transparent manner.

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Important Information Regarding Petition Challenges

Two years ago it was brought to my attention that the DuPage County Election Commission opened its doors on a Saturday to allow certain members of the DuPage Republicans the opportunity to compare opposition petition signatures with those on the voter registration database.

Typically, the only people allowed into the 421 Building off hours are those with key cards. Election Commission staff would then have been needed to unlock their doors, to turn on the computers and to stay there.

It was my understanding that candidates and campaigns typically review the database during work hours and I didn’t understand why DuPage Republicans were allowed in on a Saturday to review petitions.

I contacted the DuPage Election Commission about this practice, below is the response.

Board Member Chaplin,

You are correct, typically candidates and campaigns agree to review signatures during normal work hours in order to minimize tax payer expenses for Election Commission staff and security staffing outside of business hours.

That being stated, we do understand that in light of the short timeframe permitted by statute for the verification of signatures, additional time beyond normal business hours is sometimes necessary and, regardless of political affiliation, have made reasonable accommodations with the interested parties when required.

Joseph H Sobecki
Executive Director
DuPage County Election Commission 

If your campaign needs to make special arrangements to review opposition petitions please contact the DuPage Election Commission at 630-407-5600.