The Human Race – DuPage County

The 5K Run/Fitness Walk will take place at The Esplanade at Locust Point in Downers Grove. The Race will begin at 9:00 a.m.
Walkers/runners can gather donations/pledges to support their desired charity. All ages are welcome to come out and join the community in supporting volunteerism! Pets are welcome on the Fitness Walk as well!
Registration will be open to non-profit organizations on 12/1/12. Registration will open to runners and walkers on 1/15/13. Make 2013 the year you get moving to support your charity of choice!

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The Human Race – DuPage County

Shared Services?

This past Tuesday I  spoke to a concern that was brought to my attention by several individuals.   After researching the situation I made the following comments at our meeting.

“It has been brought to my attention that a DuPage County Employee is spending time approximately 12 hours a month on DuPage Forest Preserve matters and using DuPage County resources to do this work.  There is no intergovernmental agreement.  This employee is not receiving any compensation from the forest preserve.

Although this may seem minor 12 hours per month equals 144 hours per year.  That is almost one month of county employee time and resources spent on matters not related to the county.

I would recommend that by April 1st these duties are turned over to the forest preserve, where they belong.

It has also come to my attention that DuPage County is storing DuPage Forest Preserve Documents.  There is no intergovernmental agreement or rental agreement.  DuPage County is not collecting rent for the storage of these documents.  Who is ultimately responsible for the documents?

If for some reason these documents can not be stored at the forest preserve I believe that it would be in the best interest of DuPage County to complete an intergovernmental agreement which outlines responsibilities for the oversight of the documents and rent for storage.

I find the whole situation troubling and I am hoping that these recommendations are implemented.”

To claim that the situation between the DuPage Forest Preserve and DuPage County is a “Shared Service” is a stretch.  What is a Shared Service?  A Shared Service should be a win/win situation. It should be equitable for all rather than one entity gaining at the expense of others.  When a Shared Service is established it is important to distinguish responsibilities and share all associated costs. Shared Services should be an Agreement and as such requires an Intergovernmental Agreement.  Examples of Shared Services would be  purchasing in bulk, combined fuel purchases or when fire and police protection between neighboring villages is a shared.  

The fact that there are no intergovernmental agreements and no sharing of costs the situation is clearly not shared.

If interested you can view the complete debate starting at 57:40

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Better Government Watchdog Training

The Better Government Watchdog Training is a great way to learn the ins and outs of government.  Through these programs you will learn all that the BGA does and the importance of their work.

Below is a link for the upcoming trainings:

Citizen Watchdog programming

DuPage County Board Meetings for the Week of February 11, 2013

Below you will find links for DuPage County Board meetings for the week of February 11th.

Finance Agenda:
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County Board Agenda:
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Committee Schedule:
Committee Schedule Agenda ~1.pdf‎ (259 KB‎)


NAMI DuPage.  NAMI stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness.  What the folks at NAMI are providing to DuPage County is remarkable.  NAMI serves individuals with mental illnesses and their families.  NAMI offers a variety of programs. NAMI Connection is a free weekly 90 minute support group for individuals living with mental illnesses.  Family Support Group is a free twice monthly meeting for caregivers of individuals who have a mental illness.  Parent Support Group is a free program for parents of children under the age of 22 who have mental illnesses. NAMI Resource Line is a free non-crisis information and referral help line.

NAMI works with our schools, parents and teachers.  Ending the Silence is a interactive 50 minute program where high school and middle school students learn about the early signs of depression and other mental illnesses and the resources available to them.  Parents and Teachers as Allies is a program where school staff learn to identify the key signs of early onset mental illness in children and adolescents.  This presentation is effective for teacher in-services and PTA sponsored evenings.

In the past year over 2000 people at local hospitals have been provided support and resources, helped and educated.

NAMI  operates without federal or state funding.  Funding from individuals, foundations, corporations, service clubs etc allow NAMI to foster Recovery by providing Support, Education and Advocacy.

For more information on NAMI or for volunteer opportunities please go to the website

As a side note – yesterday the House passed HB 190 – this bill includes $2.9 million for supporting housing projects forward and restoration for the $12 million in community mental health cuts.

Below you will find how your representative voted:

Feb 05, 2013 63 YEAS
Y Acevedo Y Arroyo Y Beiser N Bellock Y Berrios N Bost
Y Bradley N Brady N Brauer N Brown Y Burke,Daniel N Burke,Kelly N Cabello
Y Cassidy N Cavaletto Y Chapa LaVia P Cloonen Y Conroy Y Costello Y Crespo N Cross Y Currie Y D’Amico N Davidsmeyer N Davis,Monique N Davis,William Y DeLuca N Demmer N Drury Y Dunkin
52 NAYS Y Lang
E – Denotes Excused Absence
N Durkin Y Evans,Marcus Y Farnham Y Feigenholtz Y Fine Y Flowers Y Ford N Fortner N Franks Y Gabel Y Golar Y Gordon-Booth N Halbrook N Hammond N Harms NV Harris,David Y Harris,Greg N Hatcher N Hays Y Hernandez Y Hoffman Y Hurley N Ives Y Jackson Y Jakobsson Y Jefferson Y Jones N Kay Y Kifowit N Kosel
N Leitch Y Lilly Y Manley Y Martwick N Mautino Y Mayfield Y McAsey N McAuliffe N McSweeney N Meier
Y Mell N Mitchell,Bill Y Mitchell,Christian N Moffitt N Morrison Y Moylan Y Mussman Y Nekritz N Osmond N Phelps N Pihos N Poe N Pritchard N Reboletti N Reis Y Riley Y Rita N Rosenthal
N Roth N Sacia N Sandack Y Scherer E Schmitz N Senger Y Sente Y Sims Y Smiddy Y Smith N Sommer N Sosnowski Y Soto N Sullivan Y Tabares Y Thapedi N Tracy N Tryon Y Turner N Unes Y Verschoore Y Walsh Y Welch N Wheeler Y Williams Y Willis Y Yingling Y Zalewski Y Mr. Speaker
NO. 4

Meeting Schedule for the Week of February 4th & Valentines Donations for Residents of the Convalescent Center

Below is the link for this weeks meetings.

This Week’s Meetings

For Information on the Convalescent Center a link is provided.

Convalescent Center Seeks Valentines Donations for Residents